101 Tips for Graduates, Revised Edition

A Code of Conduct for Success and Happiness in Your Professional Life

Why I wrote this book

The idea for 101 Tips for Graduates originated from a weekly column I wrote offering tips for grads at the end of the school year in 2002. That column generated an outpouring of positive feedback and additional tips and advice in return. I heard from parents, grandparents, teachers and more who told me they were sending it on to others, giving it to their children, grandchildren and students because the advice mirrored what they wanted these young grads to know. People commented on how they appreciated the down to earth, practical real world advice that is needed today.

I started asking people, "What's the best advice you ever received?" "What do you wish you had known when you started out?" "What advice would you give to a new graduate?" Everyone had something to say and got excited about it too. I heard from people all over the world who took the time to send their best advice, and many of those tips are included in a special section in the back of the book. I originally had a list of over 300 tips compiled, narrowing it down to the top 101.

Writing the book ended up being a very cathartic experience for me. Two of my three daughters were graduating that year, one from high school; the other from college. I thought about what I want them to understand as they went off on their own; to offer words of comfort and inspiration.

It was also a time of self-reflection; I began to think about what I wish I had known when I was young and how much I would have appreciated a guidebook to see me through many of life's challenges.

The book is designed to go to the section or tip you need at the time, using it as a reference or reading it as a whole. Writing 101 Tips was a unique experience for me, as it was different from the other books and columns I write. It challenged me, opened my eyes, and in some ways set me free to get more creative in my writing.

Writing a book is one thing; letting it out into the world is another. It's heartwarming when I hear from people who appreciate the book. My hope is that it has helped ease the transition into the real world for those whose hands it touches.

101 Tips for Graduates: A Code of Conduct for Success and Happiness in Life is a straightforward guide to help launch anyone who is ready to move forward in the professional world and find success.

Seven key sections are filled with essential tips that lead to success:

  • Work Skills
  • Communication Skills
  • Leadership Skills
  • Social Skills
  • Self-Discipline
  • Demonstrate A Positive Attitude
  • Areas of Distinction

With the right attitude and the proper skills, no job is too challenging and no dream is unattainable. 101 Tips for Graduates is the perfect pocket guide for those determined to hone their professional abilities and pursue the successful life they desire.

…a masterful publication …absolutely necessary to succeed in business and life itself.
—Steven A. Kalin, CLU, a leading national representative of Northwestern Mutual Financial Network.

Offers lots of practical knowledge for a range of experience from the budding entrepreneur to seasoned MBA.
—Jennifer Shire Director, Center for Career Development, Babson College.

Sue’s advice and experience gave me the confidence, preparation and edge I needed to stand out amongst other candidates. She knows the ins and outs of the interview process and the professional world, unmatched by any advisor or professor.
—Kelly Eastwood, Client Services Manager, Integral Ad Science

You don’t have to be a new grad to benefit from this book. Individuals who have been in the workplace for years can use Susan Morem’s tips to impact their careers and their lives.
—Carol J. Vellucci, Director, The Career Center, Towson University, author of “Ask CJ,”a career advice column in the Baltimore Business Journal

This book gives you the boost of confidence you need to find a job and be successful after graduation.
—Amy Shapiro, Senior Program Associate at AchieveMpls

…An excellent resource not only for students who are beginning to enter the work force but also for those individuals who want to create an edge for themselves in furthering their career.
—David Dahl, Principal, Robbinsdale Armstrong High School, Plymouth, MN

Easy and enjoyable read from cover to cover, but organized in such a way that allows the reader to focus only on the topic that meets his/her immediate need.
—Jennifer Shire, Director, Center for Career Development, Babson College