Executive Coaching

Sue Morem has been guiding, advising and coaching others for almost three decades. She inspires others to find the inner strength and desire necessary to create lasting change.

Through her extensive work with companies and individuals, Sue understands how to work with the most delicate and sensitive situations that arise at work, in business and in life. Her unique ability to connect with others in an authentic manner creates a space of trust in which others can look at themselves honestly and open to change.

Sue helps transform the lives of her clients, inspiring and guiding them to set realistic goals and find the strategies to achieve them.

No matter what the perceived limitation or barrier one faces, Sue’s innovative and creative approach to self-improvement motivates others to take inventory and improve.

  • Do you have an employee who needs refinement and polish?
  • Do you have an employee you are preparing for leadership?
  • Do you need help coaching someone to be more self-aware and sensitive toward others?
  • Do you have a valued employee who needs to look and act more professional?

“You nailed it. Your words were exactly what I needed to hear at a time I needed it most.”
—Linda Z.

“You listen, hear and understand; you talk with passion and purpose. You are open-minded, caring and kind. You remind me to have a sense of humor. Your positive messages remind me to let go of fear, live for today and embrace the future with optimism.”
—James A.

“Thank you for making a positive impact on my life. Thank you for seeing me, at that time, as a young woman with potential and gifts and talents. You have no idea the struggle I was facing during that period of my life, and as I look back today and think about those who left a mark, you were one of them. I appreciate you for sowing positive seeds into my heart that have developed and grown over the past 20 years.”
—Teri J.

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