How to Get a Job and Keep It, Second Edition

An Essential Guide to Landing Your Ideal Job and Making the Most of It

Why I wrote this book

After the release of How to Gain the Professional Edge, I found that many of the companies I was working with were asking me to help them with new hires and interns who seemed to be unprepared for the world of work. Many of them came to work after graduating with unrealistic expectations, making the transition into the corporate world challenging for both the employee and the employer.

The more research I did, the more I found a need for a book specifically written for the 18-30 year old entering and adjusting to the workplace and establishing a career. Although more and more high schools and colleges are offering courses in career development, nothing fully prepares a young adult for the dramatic change that comes with working full time.

I believe young adults have much to offer, and have the desire to contribute to an organization; to have every advantage to succeed. There is no reason someone has to learn the hard way, why not make it easier?

I hope How to Get a Job and Keep It helps those who read it not only get a job, but thrive in that job and move ahead in a career!

How to Get a Job and Keep It provides job seekers and recent graduates with step-by-step guidance on everything they need to know to excel in the workplace. This volume collects key inside advice on navigating job searches, landing the ideal job, managing life and a career, and achieving your career goals that readers won’t get in a classroom, from parents or friends, or from a guidance counselor.

Helping readers understand the realities of the working world, How to Get a Job and Keep It, Second Edition gives them a powerful advantage over the competition and helps new workers make a successful transition to the professional workplace.

Coverage includes:

  • interview dos and don’ts
  • body language
  • preparation and follow-up
  • informational interviews
  • how to make a good impression
  • how to succeed
  • avoiding pitfalls
  • workplace communication
  • dealing with reviews, raises, and promotions
  • getting along with coworkers and bosses
  • knowing when to leave a job

Every home should have a copy of this book…everyone can benefit from it…full of valuable information.
—Clare Foley, Team Leader, Graduate Business Career Center, Carlson School of Management, University of Minnesota.

…A savvy one-stop-resource for anyone looking for a job… Susan can save first-time job hunters hours of work and wasted anxiety by showing how to do things right the first time.
—Dan Miller, Business Editor, Chicago Sun-Times