How to Grow your Career and Create Value Through the Ups and Downs of Change

It’s always important to have an edge in business, but especially crucial during periods of change, a recession and other challenging times. There are many things you can do to increase your chances of staying employed, being promoted and protecting yourself so that you are ready for whatever happens, even if you become unemployed.

Learn how and why you must:

  • Think and act like an entrepreneur
  • Learn to embrace change
  • Be prepared should you lose your job
  • Be (and do) your best even on your way out
  • Get and stay connected with as many people as possible
  • Be positive especially during difficult times

Sue has a way of lifting your self-perception, your spirit and charging you with a “go-for-it” attitude that will make you think, why not me? I can do this.
—Demae DeRocher, Producer/Writer/Media Relations

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