How to Gain the Professional Edge, Second Edition

Achieve the Personal and Professional Image you Want

How this book debuted on television

Two weeks after the release of the first edition of How to Gain the Professional Edge I received a phone call from a producer of the Drew Carey Show requesting permission to use the book as the basis for an upcoming episode.

I had envisioned hearing from a television talk show, but never in my wildest dreams did I imagine a call from the producer of a television sit com! In fact, I listened to the voice mail multiple times before returning the call, and then inquiring to make sure there wasn't some mistake.

Although I never did find out how the manuscript ended up in the hands of the Drew Carey producers, I gave them my approval to use the book, which to this day is my favorite Drew Carey episode! The book was quoted and seen throughout the show, with Drew eventually kissing the book saying "This book has changed my life!"

How to Gain the Professional Edge was written as a result of my work with companies and the success of the programs I was delivering. Clients wanted something to offer employees as a take-away from my etiquette and leadership development training sessions - to inspire and reinforce all I teach. The book was a natural next step.

The information in the book is timeless; and essential for anyone looking to connect with others and present themselves in the most professional manner possible. I never tire of talking or writing about professionalism, and it is so rewarding to see the difference it can make in someone's career and life.

How to Gain the Professional Edge, Second Edition an invaluable resource that answers a multitude of questions about proper behavior, dress, attitude, and image to help readers improve their professionalism and open doors to advancement.

This completely updated edition is perfectly suited for anyone wanting to get ahead and stay ahead and covers technological advances, networking, stress management, assertiveness, effective self-promoting, healthy lifestyles, making a difference in your job, and many other vital topics.

How to Gain the Professional Edge, Second Edition is the perfect guide for recent graduates, those entering the workforce for the first time, established professionals looking to hone their skills, and anyone looking to gain the professional edge.

Sue’s advice is grounded in reality and is a valuable resource for both emerging leaders and experienced pros.
—Cyndi L. Lesher, Vice President and Chief Administrative Officer, Excel Energy.

Susan’s keen insights and personal experience are evident all through the book. She identifies all of the “points of difference” essential for winning presentations
—Richard L. Knowlton, Chairman, The Hormel Foundation

Every graduate should be given a copy of How to Gain the Professional Edge along with their diploma! This book is “chock-full” of rules of behavior that can enhance the opportunities for success in one’s career.
—Trudy Rautio, President, Carlson Hotels Worldwide — The Americas.

We give a copy of How to Gain the Professional Edge to all of our new hires, and with this new edition, I wish I could make it mandatory for people to superglue Sue’s book to their hand.
—Elizabeth Spencer, Manger, Larson Allen

Concise and to the point, Sue Morem offers practical strategies you can put to work immediately.
—Martin Yate, author of Knock ‘Em Dead, The Ultimate Job Hunter’s Guide

…Chock-full of information, tips and anecdotes on how to build your career and avoid the pitfalls that can derail your plans and future opportunities.
—Helena Douglas, Executive Director, Clemson University, Off-Campus, Distance and Continuing Education

Nothing is more powerful in service than the instantaneous impression customers get the first time they come in contact with your organization. The most powerful impact comes from your employees, who are, in the customer’s minds, the organization. In her book, How to Gain the Professional Edge, Sue Morem has captured the essence of that first impression and shares the tools to make that ever-important moment not only dazzling but unforgettable.
—Petra A. Marquart, Author, The Power of Service

…Finally a book that does it all. Sue Morem has put together the most comprehensive book I have ever read regarding personal communication and presentation.
—Lawrence Alter, President, L.D.A. Enterprises, Author and nationally recognized outplacement provider