It’s all about the ‘P’s

You’ve likely been told to mind your “P’s and “Q’s” but it’s all about the “P’s.” When we get caught up in the day to day details of our lives, we neglect to take the time to renew, reflect and recharge. It’s important to step back and remind yourself who you are and all you are capable of.

Reconnect to your core as you uncover your:

  • Purpose: Define your purpose and find more meaning in everything you do
  • Passion: Find reasons to be get excited about going to work and making a difference every day
  • Possibility: Open up to new ideas, opportunities and ways of being
  • Positivity: Realign your thoughts to bring more hope and optimism into your life.
  • Permission: Give yourself permission to shine; to let go of the past to move into a brighter future
  • Potential: Identify roadblocks that are preventing you from reaching your full potential
  • Professionalism: Put your best foot forward every single day

WOW! Your presentation was superb.
Sandy Lien, Director of Education, Upper Midwest Hospitality, Inc.

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