Myths and Truths of Success: Why some struggle and some succeed

Most people start out wanting to succeed; looking toward a bright future. Sadly, too few will end up achieving the success they seek. This seminar addresses the many myths about success and helps you discover the truth about what is expected and what will generate the results you want.

In this presentation you will understand why:

  • Doing a job well may not be enough
  • Your job search or advancement may take longer than you think
  • Success in school doesn’t guarantee success at work
  • Connecting with people and your relationships are more important than you think
  • Many jobs are never advertised and where to find them
  • Success can be easily achieved and what you need to do to reach your goals

…the material presented dovetailed perfectly to the theme of our convention, Learning to Lead. It was a perfect presentation to kick off our state convention.
—Joe Matson, President, MASMS

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