The Professional Edge

Have you ever wondered what it is that sets certain people apart – why some people excel while others remain stagnant? Technical skills and knowledge are essential to professional success, but account for only 15 percent of why you land a job, keep a job, or move ahead. In contrast, 85 percent of your success comes from the professional way you handle yourself and others. Learn the five critical components of leadership and gain insight into ways you can be more effective.

Discover how to:

  • Put yourself on the track to success
  • Break the barriers that prevent you from reaching your goals and your dreams
  • Communicate your strengths and abilities
  • Convince others you are worth listening to
  • Treat others respectfully and professionally
  • Revitalize your career

Far and away the most believable and most impactful presenter we’ve had.
—Donald Erwin, General Manager, Aetna

In addition to being a great reservoir of knowledge, Sue is engaging and brings the content down to the basics. Participants take away easily applied rules that they can begin practicing that day. Sue’s expertise tackles a topic in a fun, straightforward way that makes it easy to understand. She has been helping us build our workforce so that our people can move forward in their careers with a self-awareness that gives them a professional edge“.
—Kate Bowen, Learning Coordinator, Clifton Larson Allen LLP

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