Winner vs. Whiner

No matter what position you hold, your job is important. No organization would accomplish much without all of the hard-working employees who support it. Have you ever wondered why some people appear to have things run smoothly, and always seem to get what they want? Are they simply lucky, or are they instrumental in their outcome? Chances are they have developed good habits and view things positively.

This program includes a humorous, yet realistic look at the most-annoying habits of unsuccessful people (whiners) and the habits that lead to success.

Learn how to:

  • Adopt the habits of successful people.
  • Control your emotions
  • Solve and resolve problems
  • Assert yourself and ask for what you want
  • Build your confidence and credibility
  • Work with others and be part of a team

Sue is a dynamic and enthusiastic presenter who makes learning a positive and enjoyable experience.
—Susan Mortenson, Training Coordinator, Honeywell

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