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I feel at home in front of a camera and have been a regular guest on numerous talk and news programs. I am used to putting together segments and conveying practical and relevant information quickly, enthusiastically and effectively.
The advice I provide has reached thousands through my business advice column, podcasts, interviews, books, videos, and articles. My work has been showcased on countless radio and television programs and in major publications, including The Wall Street Journal, USA Today, Chicago Sun-Times, Los Angeles Times, CBS Early Show Fox News, and CNN.

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I’ve done segments and stories on every topic imaginable from interviewing to image make overs; surviving a layoff, dealing with difficult people, advice for new graduates and many other career and life topics.
If you are on a deadline and need someone to help you put together a segment or story you are working on, I am here to help.

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First Female Business Advice Columnist

Over 20 years ago I had an idea. I was out speaking to organizations and noticed people had questions related to their success with nowhere to turn for information. Often the areas of concern were personal and sensitive, and not easy to bring up to a supervisor or in a review. While there were many corporate trainings on mandatory topics; there was little offered in terms of the “softer” skills, which ultimately can make or break a person’s career.

I Had an Idea

I thought about writing a workplace/business advice column. One day I mentioned my idea to someone who was helping me with my business and the next day she called to give me the name and number of the business editor at the Star Tribune.

I didn’t think I was ready to call; after all, I just had an idea, not a well-thought out concept. Realizing I had nothing to lose by calling, I picked up the phone, dialed the number, and hoped to reach the business editors voice mail, but I reached him live instead.

Where do People go to get Advice with Issues at Work?
I quickly explained my concept for the column I wanted to write. When he suggested I take out an ad to promote myself, I knew I hadn’t explained myself very well. I wasn’t looking to promote myself; I felt there was a need for such a column. Where else could someone go to seek advice about the personal and professional struggles they face at work? Although he told me later that he was ready to hang up the phone, I must have said something to convince him to stay on the phone. I was delighted when he suggested we meet to discuss my idea a bit further.

I Had to Prove Myself

He may have been intrigued with my idea, but I had to prove I could deliver what I was promising. For the following nine months I expanded on my idea by writing sample columns, submitting guest columns, and meeting with others at the paper to make sure I knew what I was getting into. By the time I received the call I had been waiting for, asking me if I was ready to launch my column, I was. It was an honor for me to fill the void left by Tom Peters and to be the first female to write a weekly column in the business section of the Star Tribune and later do the same at the Chicago Sun Times.

Controversy Triggers Conversation

The response from readers was overwhelmingly positive, but not everyone was happy with my advice or agreed with my point of view. Although I was shocked at the intensity of some of the rebuttals I received, I soon learned that igniting someone’s passion or stirring up a little controversy wasn’t necessarily a bad thing. In fact, it was a good thing; with each column I’d write, another would evolve. It was the feedback I received that generated the most controversial and popular columns. Although I had a pretty good idea about the topics I’d cover, I never could have predicted some of the issues I’ve addressed.

Times may Change but Problems Remain the Same

When I started writing the column, most of the feedback I received was through standard mail or voice mail. The letters I received were hand addressed and formally written. Today, 99% of the responses and questions I receive are via e-mail. Although the times and the means of communication have changed, the issues and problems people face has not. Whether it has to do with tolerating the demanding boss, the irritating coworker, or the difficult customer, the biggest source of frustration for most people is with other people.

Our Work Helps Define Us

Ironically, even those who are miserable at work are devastated when they lose their job. Perhaps it’s because our work helps us define ourselves. The struggles we face often challenge and energize us. Although we complain when we are too busy, with never ending lists of things “to do”, it is having things to do that keep us going and feeling useful.

Work is the place adults can go to learn new skills and grow as individuals. I know I’ve grown as a result of writing my column and, looking back, I realize it has been a huge part of my education.

Dedicated to Helping Others

Years ago I had an idea, and was fortunate to see that idea become a reality. When
I started writing my column, I intended to educate, inspire and help others. I never anticipated all that I would learn and receive back as a result. I’ve learned a lot about people and the struggles we all face, and much about the human spirit. I remain dedicated to helping others find new ways of viewing things, new ways of being.

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I met deadlines and wrote a weekly column for over 10 years in the newspapers and then kept on dishing out advice.

You will find many of my columns addressing a wide range of topics

“Sue is a terrific and dependable guest. She delivers topical, insightful and useful information with enthusiasm. Viewers will watch.”
—Demae DeRocher, TV Producer, KSTP TV (ABC) – Conus Communications, All News Channel

“I’ve worked with Sue since 2003, publicizing her books, and her energy and sincere passion for her work are truly an inspiration to me. She’s a popular guest on TV and radio programs, and producers often contacted me again to ask her back on their shows. Sue is warm and professional–she walks her talk, and her message is both an uplifting and important one. I have nothing but glowing praise for her!”
—Laurie Katz Director of Publicity and Promotional Copywriting at Infobase Learning

“Sue is a bottomless well of enthusiasm, energy and practical optimism. She knows her material and is incredibly articulate. I am always inspired by what she has to say. Not only can she write and speak, but she is one of the most dynamic and authentic on camera talents I have ever worked with in my many decades of television producing.”
—Mike McIntee Owner, TimeScape Productions Inc.

“Sue Morem offers a savvy one-stop-resource for anyone looking for a job.”
—Dan Miller, Business Editor, Chicago Sun-Times

“We’ve used Sue numerous times. She’s always a great guest and her shows get a great response!”
—Nancy Walker, Producer, WCCO-AM