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How to Gain the Professional Edge: Achieve the Personal and Professional Image You Want 

Now you can work with Sue and hear her inspiring message delivered to you each week for 7 weeks. The online course will come directly to your email

In this 7 week course you will:

  • Put yourself on the track to success while breaking barriers that prevent you from reaching your goals and your dreams
  • Reconnect with your core as you define your purpose and passion; open to possibility with positivity, while giving yourself permission to reach your potential and highest level of professionalism
  • Learn the secrets to establishing yourself as a savvy, polished professional in the office, the boardroom or at any social function related to business
  • Become a leader who walks the talk and leads by example, empowering and bringing out the best in others
    Learn to consciously manage your message, in person, on the phone, social media and email for maximum impact and personal success

Each week you will receive written lessons and worksheets that are easy for you to access and complete any time, from anywhere and will be invited to participate on a coaching call with Sue to help keep you on track and get all of your questions answered

Week 1: Professionalism Defined:
Have you ever wondered what it is that sets certain people apart – why some people excel while others remain stagnant? Technical skills and knowledge are essential to professional success, but account for only 15 percent of why you land a job, keep a job, or move ahead. In contrast, 85 percent of your success comes from the professional way you handle yourself and others. Learn the five critical components of leadership and gain insight into ways you can be more effective.

Week 2: Image and Impressions
Nothing is more powerful than the instantaneous impression people make about you the first time they meet you. You may not like it and you may not think it is fair, but your image matters. Every time you interact with someone you are sending a message about who you are. It is essential to consciously manage this “message” for maximum impact and personal success.

Your visual appearance and your professional manner are among your most powerful and accessible business skills. Learn how to create a positive impression with every one you meet and how to enhance your image.

Week 3: The Impact of Your Communication: Do you Hear what you are NOT Saying?
Words alone convey only a fraction of your overall message. It’s what you communicate without a saying a word — your body language and tone of voice — that communicate your true feelings and reactions to others. Are you aware of the way you present yourself in person, on the phone or through email? Take a close look at all aspects of your communication to come across with more confidence, strength and credibility.

Week 4: You are What You Wear
No matter what industry you are in, your appearance matters. Don’t be fooled when you are in a business casual environment; what you wear communicates to others how you feel about yourself and the organization or people you are with. Learn what works and what doesn’t, and how to project a more professional and dynamic image while creating an image that authentically reflects who you are.

Week 5: Business Etiquette: Social Graces in Business Places
Every office, business and industry has its own unwritten code of behavior and rules. Understanding this code and the expectations of your employer and others will give you a powerful advantage. Conducting yourself appropriately is essential toward building a reputation that establishes you as a savvy, polished professional in the office, at a business lunch, a formal black tie affair, the company holiday party or any social function related to business. Learn how to handle yourself with poise and put others at ease in any business situation.

Week 6: Becoming a Leader: Proven Principles of Success
Success doesn’t just happen. You must be committed and motivated to succeed, to work hard, develop good habits and maintain a winning attitude. Most people underestimate the power they have over the direction of their lives and ultimately, their level of success. There are many things you can do to increase your chances of staying employed, being promoted or succeeding in your own business; protecting yourself so that you are ready for whatever happens, even if you become unemployed.
Learn how to think and act like an entrepreneur, embrace change, network effectively with others and maintain a positive attitude, especially during difficult times

Week 7: The Professional Edge: Putting it all Together
Reconnect to your core as you redefine and connect with your purpose and passion, bringing hope and optimism to all you do. Experience a professional renaissance and find renewed excitement about yourself, your job, and your ability to make a difference and put your best foot forward each day.

Nuts and Bolts for Entry Level and New Grads:

If you are looking for an internship or your first job, increase your chances by taking this online course and getting the expert coaching of career and job expert Sue Morem.
Consider this four week course, delivered to your mailbox each week, your personal guide to finding your ideal job and successfully transitioning into the business world.

You will learn:

What employers expect from you…
How to convey “experienced” even when you’re not
How to network to make valuable personal and professional connections
How to master the art of small talk — easy “starter” topics for the conversationally challenged
The basics of business etiquette
Workplace do’s and don’ts