Professional Edge Podcast

Sue Morem is a career expert. Listen and get the the professional edge in the one activity that takes up most of your week — your job.

First Step To Your Future: Create A Plan. Here’s How…

Click to listen — If You want to make it happen, plan it and then say it!

Your Image Is More Important Than You Think

Click to listen — Master the five components of image and take control of how others see you.

Can’t Get No (Job) Satisfaction? Yes You Can!

Click to Listen — It’s not necessarily the company or the job duties that make a job satisfying; more often than not, it’s your mindset that makes the difference.

Take Control

Click to listen — All isn’t fair, bad things happen, and at times there’s no bright side to look on. So what can you do?

Amazing Internships

Click to listen — How do you find and get the best internships?

Set Out To Succeed

Click to listen — No one sets out to fail. But failure isn’t that bad of a thing if you want success.

Sex And The Office

Click to listen — Thinking of getting a Valentine for that cute guy or gal at work? Nice thought, but Sue Morem says not so fast. What’s OK with your friends may not be appropriate with your co-workers—especially with people of the opposite sex. But is it about the sex?

Quitting On A Whim

Click to listen — We all have good days and bad days, and days we struggle to get through. Most of us endure the bad and relish the good, but for some, it takes only one bad thing to happen for them to say “Enough–I’m out of here!” In the heat of the moment, quitting may seem like the key to survival, however, there are other options to consider. Listen as Sue explains why quitting on a whim can be a mistake.

Trusting Your Vibes At Work

Click to listen — What do the top 100 CEOs attribute their success to? Hard work? Research? Nope. When it comes to important decisions they trust their “gut”. Sue has always suggested you trust your instincts. Listen in as she talks about intuition with Sonia Choquette author of “Trusting Your Vibes” and learn how you can instantly make better decisions.

Knock ’em Dead: The Ultimate Jobseeker’s Guide

Click to listen — The average American changes jobs every four years. So if you aren’t looking for a job now, chances are you will be soon. Are you prepared? Job hunting and interviewing has changed drastically in the past few years. Martin Yate knows the secrets to navigating the job interview. He’s the author of the very successful book, “Knock ’em Dead, The Ultimate Job Seeker’s Guide”. Listen as Sue Morem and Martin discuss the five criteria all employers use to judge potential employees, and how you can make that work in your favor!

Addicted To Stress?

Click to listen — Too much to do and too little time to do it. Sound familiar? You’re probably stressed if you’re spread too thin. Sue talks with business and life coach Kate Larson about how you may your own worst enemy when it comes to reducing stress.

New Year’s Resolutions

Click to listen — The start of a new year is a good time to make resolutions. Sue gives us hers and talks about how to make them stick.

Surviving The Holiday Office Party

Click to listen — When is a party not a party? When it’s the company holiday party. This annual event can be fun, but it is also full of career landmines. Thinking of not going to just avoid the potential problems? Sue explains why that’s a bad idea.

College Makeover – From Graduate To Career

Click to listen — What works in college doesn’t always work in the business world. Sue looks at some of the most common mistakes graduates make when looking for a job.

Marketing Yourself

Click to listen — Underused Job Finding tool. Sue talks with Jay Lipe, author of The Marketing Toolkit for Growing Businesses. Sue and Jay talk about an important but underused tool in finding a job — the informational interview.

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