Surviving Periods of Transition, Job Loss and Change

Staying productive and feeling upbeat during times of transition, job loss and change can be challenging. Even when it’s unexpected, being laid off can serves as a catalyst for reflection and positive change in your life and career. Even when you aren’t sure what’s next you can move forward with confidence and optimism if you follow these tips:

  • Believe that things are meant to be
  • Structure your day: establish a routine and devote plenty of time to your search for what’s next
  • If you don’t get a job you want; move on and trust that the right job or career move will
    surface at the right time
  • Stay active; reach out to and connect with people on a daily basis
  • Build your online presence
  • Be positive; surround yourself with positive and supportive people
  • Never put all your focus on one company, job or opportunity; keep your options open, have many things going at one time
  • Look for the lesson in everything that happens; what you can learn as a result
  • Take some time for you; do things you enjoy
  • Volunteer. It will be good for you; you can develop new skills, and will have something to add to your resume
  • Remember nothing lasts forever