“Far and away the most believable and most impactful presenter we’ve had.”
Donald Erwin
—General Manager, Aetna

“WOW! Your presentation was superb.”
—Sandy Lien
Director of Education, Upper Midwest Hospitality, Inc.

“Sue had full command of the audience…attendees were found sitting up in their chairs anxious to participate. This truly is one keynote delivery you can count on taking something valuable, back to the office with you.”
—Farren M. Ross
Education Manager, National Association of Health Underwriters (NAHU)

“Sue is a dynamic and enthusiastic presenter who makes learning a positive and enjoyable experience.”
—Susan Mortenson
Training Coordinator, Honeywell

“Thank you. Thank you. Thank you…everyone loved you and the feedback has been tremendous.”
—Cathy Beers
Sr. Vice President, Customer Development Corporation

“In addition to being a great reservoir of knowledge, Sue is engaging and brings the content down to the basics. Participants take away easily applied rules that they can begin practicing that day. Sue’s expertise tackles a topic in a fun, straightforward way that makes it easy to understand. She has been helping us build our workforce so that our people can move forward in their careers with a self-awareness that gives them a professional edge”.
—Kate Bowen, Learning Coordinator from Clifton Larson Allen LLP

“Sue brings compassion, enthusiasm, and inspiration to our programs and has positively impacted the lives of many women. She is loved and respected by both our clients and staff and brings a unique combination of personal warmth and professionalism that helps our clients become informed and inspired.” —Jerri Quest, CEO, Dress for Success Twin Cities

“The material presented dovetailed perfectly to the theme of our convention, Learning to Lead. It was a perfect presentation to kick off our state convention.”
—Joe Matson, President, MASMS

“Sue’s presentation was superb! She demonstrates a great deal of professionalism mixed with a wonderful sense of humor. Her material is up to date and appropriate for any audience.”
—Maurice Chenier, Operations Manager, Ceridian Corporation

“Since your presentation, our employees are treating each other more respectfully and professionally, and our service has improved dramatically.”
—Randy Stanley, General Manager, Ruth’s Chris Steakhouse

“…conference attendees are saying that this year’s conference was the best ever. Your session was educational, informative, and fun!”
—Dee Thibodeau, President, EDI Solutions

“Extremely helpful and informative. The information is of great interest and she shares wonderful material.”
—Jon S. Carlson, Vice President of income development, American Cancer Society

“Even the quiet ones gave you great reviews.” Jean —Johnson, Office Supervisor, 3M

“Sue is amazing. Her clients look up to her, she is motivating and inspirational. She is articulate, impactful and most of all dedicated to helping serve disadvantaged women.”
—Traci Peterson, SPHR Global Benefits Director at Accenture

“Our associates responded well to Sue’s message, which was both informational and entertaining. She has helped us to develop insight and awareness, which was our goal.”
—Donald Melton, Senior Vice President, Resident Manager, Dain Bosworth, Incorporated

“Sue is a true professional. Her presentation was tailored to meet the needs and objectives of our marketing staff. Extraordinary presentation.”
—David H. Latvaaho
President, National Leasing Director, Heitman Properties

“Your information will help our interns as they begin their transition from academia to the corporate environment.”
—Julie Jacky, Project Manager, The St. Paul Companies

“Sue will help anyone attain career success without having to go through the school of hard knocks.”
—Helena C. Douglas, Management Development
Director, Clemson University

“Sue is a very gifted speaker who can capture an audience with her eloquent words.”
—Audrey E.

“You nailed it. Your words were exactly what I needed to hear at a time I needed it most.”
—Linda Z.

“It gave me back my dream to reach for the stars, and the path to get to the career I dream of.”
—Veronica W.

“Thank you for making a positive impact on my life. Thank you for seeing me, at that time, as a young woman with potential and gifts and talents. You have no idea the struggle I was facing during that period of my life, and as I look back today and think about those who left a mark, you were one of them. I appreciate you for sowing positive seeds into my heart that have developed and grown over the past 20 years”
—Teri J.

“I had the opportunity to witness the sheer brilliance and the signature level of professionalism as Sue delivers a glimmer of hope to those who want change. She consistently presents a systematic approach for each participant to do the personal work that will ready them for change.”
—Nancy Dillard, Program Assistant at Dress for Success Twin Cities

“Sue Morem is a good teacher of something in short supply today: people skills.”
—Letitia Baldrige, bestselling author, New Complete Guide to Executive Manners

“I’ve worked with Sue since 2003, publicizing her books, and her energy and sincere passion for her work are truly an inspiration to me. She’s a popular guest on TV and radio programs, and producers often contacted me again to ask her back on their shows. Sue is warm and professional–she walks her talk, and her message is both an uplifting and important one. I have nothing but glowing praise for her!”
—Laurie Katz Director of Publicity and Promotional Copywriting at Infobase Learning

“I’ve have had the privilege of working with Sue and to see her inspire and motivate women to their highest potential while providing them updated skills as they re-enter the workplace. She is an impressive speaker, trainer and cheerleader!”
—JoAnne Funch Online Marketing Strategist, Marketing Dish

“Sue is an amazing and motivational speaker. Her ability to get a group of women excited and move forward is quite impressive. Her attitude is infectious. She is helping women change their lives and recognize their potential, all while embracing them.”
—Julie Moss President at Julia Moss Designs

“Sue is a terrific and dependable guest. She delivers topical, insightful and useful information with enthusiasm. Viewers will watch.”
—Demae DeRocher, TV Producer, KSTP TV (ABC) – Conus Communications, All News Channel

“Sue Morem offers a savvy one-stop-resource for anyone looking for a job.”
—Dan Miller, Business Editor, Chicago Sun-Times

“We’ve used Sue numerous times. She’s always a great guest and her shows get a great response!”
—Nancy Walker, Producer, WCCO-AM

“Sue is a dynamic and entertaining guest, and one I highly recommend.”
—Kay Lewis, TV producer and host, The La Jolla Project Production Company

“Sue Morem walks her talk. She looks more pulled together for a casual lunch than most people look at the Oscars! Her warm, witty presentations instruct and inspire!”
—Susan Vass, author/comedienne

“Sue Morem will help you climb the ladder of success.”
—Martin Yate, best-selling author of Knock ’em Dead job hunting books

“Sue helped me to be aware that I am valuable and that I need to ‘sell’ myself.”
—Connie H.

“I gained confidence. I feel much more comfortable talking to people. Before working with Sue I was too nervous to start a conversation with anybody.”
—Kiki U.

“The program helped me focus personally on improving myself overall. Not only for the job but also giving me tools to move forward for my family.”
—Katherine S.

“I feel encouraged/refreshed and able to tackle the work force again.”
—Tracy H.

“It helped me gain a level of positivity that I have never had before.”
—Penny L.

“In this program we have to grab our life, take it in and extract the goodness and be who we want to be.”
—Pamela R.

“I feel more confident and comfortable in moving to the next level now that I have been provided with tools/resources necessary to move forward.”
—Sondra S.

“You listen, hear and understand; you talk with passion and purpose. You are open-minded, caring and kind. You remind me to have a sense of humor. Your positive messages remind me to let go of fear, live for today and embrace the future with optimism.”
—James A.

“This book has changed my life! …I never thought I would say this to a book, but…I WANT YOU!”
—Drew Carey on the Drew Carey Show episode featuring How to Gain the Professional Edge